After School Dance Program

Preston Hollow Dance is pleased to offer after school dance classes at Walnut Hill Elementary.  2018 will mark our 2nd year at Walnut Hill and we are thrilled to work former and new students! 

Classes will be held Monday afternoons from 3:30 - 4:30 p.m. in the gym. 

We will begin the Fall Semester, September 11th, 2017. 


 Weekly classes will incorporate dance styles from all over the world including: Ballet, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Jazz, and more!


Girls should wear black leotards, pink tights or black dance pants, and pink ballet shoes.  Boys should wear black pants and white t-shirts with black ballet shoes.  These items can be purchased from Target or at Capezio on Inwood and Lovers.  


Please contact our office for information regarding pricing.  The rate for this program is specific to your school and applies only to the after school program at this campus. 

(214) 351-1690 or


Class Schedule

3:30pm - 4:30pm

Monday Afternoons

  • Globe Trotters: K - 2nd Grades
  • Jet Setters: 3rd - 5th Grades

Fall Semester

Monday, September 11 - Monday, December 18

Spring Semester

Monday, January 8th - Monday, May 21

Details and Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q:  How do I register my child for this program?
    • Internet:  Click the register now button at the top of this page. 
    •  Phone:  Call our office at (214) 351-1690.
  • How much does the program cost and when do I pay?
    • The Global Dance Project rate is specific to Walnut Hill Elementary Students participating in this program.  Please contact our office for details at (214) 351-1690 or
  • Q:  How will my child prepare for dance class when I am not there to assist?
    • Pack your child's dance bag and send it with them to school.  Our teachers will assist the students in getting ready before class.
  • Q:  How will my child know that it's time for class and how will my child get to class?
    • After school, a program instructor will guide students to the restrooms, where they will put on their dance attire.  Instructors will guide students to the dance room and class will take place from 3:30 - 4:30 p.m.
  • Q:  Where do I pick up my child when class is over?
    • Students will be waiting with their dance instructor for parent pick-up.
  • Q:  How does the after school dance program at Walnut Hill Elementary compare to dance classes at a dance studio?
    • Preston Hollow Dance has earned a reputation for its professionalism and excellence in dance instruction in the North Texas community.  We bring these high standards to the after school program at Walnut Hill Elementary. 
  • Q:  What if my child misses a class?
    • We do not offer make-up classes, but our teachers are happy to work with students one-on-one during class if extra help is needed to recuperate a missed lesson.
  • Q:  Will there be a recital and does my child have to perform?
    • Yes, there will be an optional Holiday and Spring Recital.