Thriller Zombie Flash Mob 2016!


Join our annual Thriller Zombie Flash Mob as we storm Dallas with unbeatable moves and killer costumes.  Dancers and non-dancers are welcome!  We'll be learning choreography from Michael Jackson's Thriller video. This class meets every Thursday in October from 7:00 - 8:00 p.m and performs on Halloween weekend, when we bust out our awesome moves on an unsuspecting crowd!  

Bring friends to the class, or come prepared to make new friends!

Attire: Fitness or dance wear of your choosing.  Shoes: Tennis shoes or sneakers.

Costumes for Flash Mob: Hit the thrift store, costume shop, or the creepy cobweb section of your closet! 

Cost: $85 includes 4 dance classes and a ticket to ride on the party bus!

If you are not sold yet, check out the video of how much fun we had!