Our Mission

We strive to inspire, educate, and equip emerging dance artists for the professional world and beyond. All of our classes are taught by degreed professionals offering rigorous, technical training in a friendly and supportive environment.

Established in 2008, PHD has earned a reputation for its professionalism and excellence in the North Dallas community.


Class Description

Pre Ballet, Ballet I, II, & III

Our ballet curriculum blends techniques from the Vaganova and Cecchetti method.

Pre-Ballet:  Emphasis on posture, straightened legs, and pointed feet are combined with fun, creative elements such as stories and games that will keep the pace of the class lively and engaging. 

Ballet I:  Students begin formal training at the barre with emphasis on postural alignment, upper body strength, weight transference, and precision in feet/arm placement. Introduction to basic traveling steps and petit allegro. 

Ballet II:  Special attention is given to aplomb (placement of the head and neck with stability in the cervical spine). Greater complexity in petit and grand allegro, pirouettes are introduced both en dedans and en dehors, increased use of the demi-pointe in centre.

Ballet III: The concept of beating the legs together (batterie) is begun at this level. Turns are executed en l’air in allegro steps. More emphasis on adagio with slow, controlled movements are executed in the centre. Steps begin to be linked in more complex and expressive ways. 



  • Girls: Black leotard, Pink Tights, Pink Ballet Shoes.

  • Boys: Black Pants, White Shirt, Black Ballet Shoes.

  • Adults: Dancewear of your choosing.


Modern / Contemporary

Our Modern and Contemporary classes span a broad range of methods; drawing techniques from Graham, Limón, Cunningham, Paxton, Horton, Ailey, and more. We focus on grounded movement, contracting and releasing the center of the body; kinesthetic awareness and body mechanics. Prepare for Contact Improvisation and experiments in movement!


  • Dancewear of your choosing. Bare feet.


Students will learn popular techniques like breaking, popping, locking, lyrical hip hop, funk, and voquing. These classes are designed to teach coordination, strength, agility and endurance. Students will learn popular techniques as well as dance combinations and choreography. 


  • Girls and Boys: Streetwear that you can move in, leggings or shorts may be worn.

  • Shoes: Sneakers designated solely for use inside the dance studio.


Blending classical and modern techniques, Lyrical class incorporates leaps, turns, extensions, and choreography, challenging each student to develop their individual artistic voice. 


  • Girls: Dance wear of your choosing. Lyrical Shoes or Bare Feet.

  • Boys: Dancewear of your choosing.

  • Adults: Dancewear of your choosing.

Ballet Barre Sculpting 

A mixture of classical ballet exercises at the barre (for all levels), pilates-style stretching and toning, and strengthening exercises designed to sculpt a "dancer's body."


  • Dancewear of your choosing

  • Shoes: Soft ballet shoes

Optional Items to bring: Yoga Mat, Bottled Water

Q: What makes this class different and special? 

A: The curriculum for this class is not based on a passing fad but the proven techniques of classical ballet. Dramatic change is possible over time.  Fun, friendly environment!

Jazz I - III/Dance Theater

Our jazz and dance theater classes incorporate many styles like Broadway, Contemporary, L.A. Commercial, and more! 

Jazz I/II: A beginner/intermediate level class focusing on pirouettes, kick ball-change, chasses, pivot turns, chaines, pas de bourree, battlements, jetes and tuck jumps.

Jazz III: Advancing in across the floor progressions with emphasis on spotting, rhythm and timing. Greater complexity in dance combinations and choreography.

Dance Theater: Beginner ballet technique is taught at the barre, center combinations will include: chasses, leaps, and turns. Students will develop stage presence and performance skills in an energetic and fun environment!


  • Girls: Black leotard, pink tights, black jazz shoes, skirts are optional.

  • Boys: Black Pants, Any color shirt, Jazz Shoes.

  • Black leggings may also be worn over leotard.


Encompassing foundational skills from several genres like ballet, jazz, hip hop, tap and creative movement, your dancer will love the flow and structure of these classes!


  • Girls: Black leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes, black tap shoes or jazz shoes depending on the class. Skirts are optional.

  • Boys: Black pants, white shirt, black ballet shoes, black tap shoes or jazz shoes depending on the class.


A truly American art form, tap dance blends athleticism and artistry to deepen the dancer's awareness of rhythm and musicality. This beginner level works on improving articulation of the feet and building steps together to form rhythm. 


  • Dancewear and black tap shoes


Mommy & Me dance class is designed for students ages 18 months - 2.5 years.  Using fun music, props, mats, and other equipment, the teacher will guide mothers and toddlers through 45 minutes of creative movement and dance-based play.  Students will learn foundational ballet, tumbling, jazz and hip hop techniques.


  • Girls - Any color leotard and tights with ballet shoes.

  • Boys - Play clothes and black ballet shoes

  • Moms - Yoga or dancewear